Design your challenge

Make It Count is a fully accessible challenge that's about spending time getting active in your own way.

This challenge focuses on clocking up minutes while getting active, rather than setting a distance, number of steps or a specific activity.

Activity icon

Choose your activity

Choose something you enjoy and want to spend time doing.

Whether it’s walking, wheeling, running, yoga, dancing. It’s up to you.

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your place

At home or out and about, you can take on your challenge wherever suits you best.

Clock minutes icon

Every minute counts

Log the minutes you spend completing your challenge on your Make It Count fundraising page.

You can set a target or see how you go. All at once or split it up. It’s your call and your challenge.

Solo or team up icon

Go solo or
with friends

You can go solo, or join as a team with friends, family or colleagues.

Team times are combined and your fundraising counts toward your team's total.

Challenge ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started with creating your challenge. Listen to your body and do an activity and time that feels good for you!


  • Workout at home and clock up 100 minutes across the 13 days.
  • Wheel around your local park for 200 minutes .
  • Walk for 30 minutes a day with your family.
  • Get on a static bike and rack up as many minutes as you can.
  • Run with your guide runner for 60 minutes.


  • Dance for 30 minutes in your living room.
  • Organise a 24 hour danceathon with friends and family.

Yoga and stretching

  • Start everyday with 20 minutes of stretching.
  • Do a series of seated yoga sessions and see how many minutes you can do.

Mixing it up

  • Complete 30 minutes of a different activity every day for the 13 days.
  • Score as many goals as you can in 60 minutes.
  • Take part as a group and clock up minutes moving your way to hit a team target.

The only rule is to have fun!

If you need help designing your challenge, or have any questions about getting involved, get in touch with the Scope Events Team.

We are here to help.

Inspiration for your challenge

Not sure where to start? Here are some challenges others are taking on to Make It Count with Scope.

Meet Richard

He's clocking up as many minutes as he can doing laps of his local park in his wheelchair.

“Sport doesn’t care about people’s impairments, people’s gender, sexuality or someone’s race. Sport is sport. It is a great leveller and what is so fantastic about Make It Count, it’s for disabled and non-disabled people alike.

During the pandemic I’ve lost a lot of motivation, so I’m taking part to test myself and get out of the house. I’m not sure how many minutes I’ll clock up over the 13 days, but I’ll see how I go!”

Meet Laura

She's aiming to clock up 200 minutes of gym workouts for her Make It Count challenge.

“I used to find the prospect of using a gym really intimidating, until I met my Personal Trainer (PT). Before our first session I was really nervous 'why would a personal trainer want to train me?', but then I started and I just didn’t look back.

He works with lots of disabled clients and is great at adapting workouts to make them accessible. I’m taking part in Make It Count because I want to encourage others to feel they can get moving however works for them and to not be scared of trying something new.

You will find something that works for you!”

Meet Chloe

She's clocking up 60 minutes of swimming in her local pool.

“I hadn’t been swimming in years! I suppose it was the unknown. Due to mild cerebral palsy, I’m aware that I don’t walk ‘normally’ and I suppose there’s a small part of me that’s self-conscious. I’m also visually impaired and swimming with sight loss was something I had not experienced! I now realise I didn’t need to be worried. I always look forward to the next time I can get in the pool.

I’m taking part in Make It Count to challenge attitudes around disabled people participating in sport for leisure. I also hope this gives other disabled people the confidence to give it a go. Be you, and just keep swimming!”